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25 April 2009

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25 February 2009

After many requests, I decided to add some swag. As time allows, I'll be updating the store with more and more items, and I do take requests. To further expand our collection, we also added the store. Please do check out both.

PLEASE keep in mind that I do for fun, and not for profit. If you like the shirts or want to support the site, by all means please pick up a shirt.

Since I'm only a little beer blog, the swag-store is farmed out to a 3rd party operation called Cafe Press. Please keep in mind that I build the site, but they handle the ordering, payments, printing, sizing, and shipping. They have a very good reputation and I did choose them carefully, but I can't be responsible for any issues you may have with them.

Cheers and Thank you in advance!

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